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Tips For Wedding Photography For Beginners

Wedding photography is a very important part of planning for any wedding.You will want to find out what time of day the wedding will take place. If you are taking photos at a night wedding, you will want to make sure that you are ready for this type of scenario. Taking pictures indoors often requires a flash and you want to make sure that all of your pictures turn out with enough light. It can be very frustrating to be presented with dark pictures that you can hardly make out. It can also help to have a mentor on your side. If you do not have much experience with wedding photography, it can help to find a wedding photographer to help you understand more about taking wedding photos. This should be someone that has built a good reputation. It can help you to see their work and this can be a great teaching moment. You can seek out the location before you begin shooting pictures on the actual wedding day. If you know the time of the wedding, you can scout out the location around this time to get a better idea of ...


Wedding Video - Video Editing Basics

A wedding is a very special day in any person's life and having a good wedding video of it, along with wedding photography is important to remember your own special day. Before a quality video can be created there are some video editing basics that have to be done to get the final video of your special day. When a video is created, there are three key stages for video production that are completed in order to create the final video. The first stage is pre-production, which consists of storyboarding, creating a shot list and scripting. The second stage is production also known as the filming stage. This is where the video is actually created of the wedding day. The third stage is post production, where editing, adding VFX and grading footage is done. The video editing process is a very imperative component to the production of the final video that is given to the customer. The completed video needs to be where you have shaped the story narrative to be continuous and consistent final sequence that tells the ...


Brides & Grooms: How to Get a Wedding Video You Will Treasure

Your wedding day will be a wonderful experience, one that you will enjoy and treasure its memories. No matter how good the still photographs are, nothing will be guaranteed to recapture those memories better than a well-crafted video. It is worth taking the time beforehand to select a videographer capable of producing a video that will capture your wedding in such a way that you will be able to relive those precious memories for the rest of your lives. Points to consider You will need to be confident on the day of the wedding that your videographer is skilled at camerawork, will be able to communicate with you and your guests to ensure he can work efficiently, yet unobtrusively, and that he will record sound cleanly and clearly. He must be methodical, capturing not just the wedding, but the preparations (bride dressing, arrivals at church) and also the events following such as the reception, speeches and dancing. However that is just one facet of his work. A larger, unseen part of his work will be his subse...


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